Sunday, 22 June 2014

Option Expiration - June 2014

I have 9 option positions expiring in June with total premiums collected of $2,678.76. I am comfortable with the number of trades made and the amount of premiums received.

I have reduced my option trading to approximately half of what it had been in the past. Recently my workplace has become busier; I am working many night shifts; and I am making an effort to reduce my margin risk.

The following is a list of my expired option positions. Premiums are the amounts of cash I received after commissions. My option premiums are included as income in my monthly blog posts at the date the income is received.

Date                 Position           Premiums

05/05/14      5P   CPG    $42         $83.76
05/02/14     10P  CVE    $30       $157.51
04/26/14       4C  EMA   $36         $85.01
04/17/14     25P  JNJ      $85       $308.75
04/01/14     20P  KO       $35       $245.00
04/01/14     25P  PG        $70       $603.74
04/01/14     10P  SBUX   $65       $477.49
05/07/14      5P   TGT     $55        $358.75
04/17/14     25P  XOM    $85       $358.75

Ticker Symbols

CPG - Crescent Point Energy (TSX)
CVE - Cenovus Energy (TSX)
EMA - Emera Inc (TSX)
JNJ -Johnson & Johnson
KO - Coca-Cola
PG - Proctor & Gamble
SBUX - Starbucks
TGT - Target Corp
XOM - Exxon-Mobil

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