Monday, 2 December 2013

November Account Activity

November was a more profitable month than October for my investment accounts. My option premium income was higher; I was able to roll my losing trades for a credit; I felt zero stress and had no margin issues.

I made a new stock purchase. I bought 200 shares of Inter Pipeline Ltd to transfer into my Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) in January. I will make the transfer after market hours at the low of that day and enrol the DRIP (dividend reinvestment Plan) to receive a 5% discount on the purchase of new shares.

Listed below is my account activity for the month of November:


Company Name         Amount of Dividend

Baytex Energy                         $264.00
Colgate-Palmolive                  $204.00
Crescent Point Energy            $115.00
General Mills                          $304.00
Keyera Corp                          $121.60
Pembina Pipelines                 $157.08
RioCan REIT                         $171.55
    Total Dividends            $1,337.23


The following is a list of my November option trades.
The premiums listed are the amounts of cash I received after commissions.

Date        Position                 Premiums

11/01 -3P  XOM Nov 1 $90    -$238.74
11/01  3P  XOM  Nov 8 $90     $466.25
11/06  3P  XOM  Dec   $90      $229.25
11/07 10P. CVE  Dec    $29      $307.51
11/08   5P   TD   Apr    $90       $658.76
11/11   3P XOM Nov 29 $90       $82.25
11/11 10P  NKE  Dec   $65       $147.50
11/14  3P  ENB   Dec.  $44         $76.26
11/14  -5C  CPG  Nov  $40      -$291.24
11/14   5C  CPG  Dec  $40       $413.76
11/14  -6P  EMA  Nov  $30      -$287.49
11/14   6P  EMA  Nov  $30        $342.51
11/15   5C  BNS  Dec  $66        $333.76
11/15  10P  MCD  Jan  $85        $117.50
11/15  20P   PEP  Jan   $70       $165.00
11/15  20P    PG  Jan   $70        $185.00
11/15  20P  XOM Jan $77.50     $165.00
11/18  10P  GIS   Jan  $45           $95.50
11/18  10P  JNJ  Jan  $77.50       $77.50
11/19    3P   TD  Jan  $92          $136.26
11/22    2P  MCD Nov 29 $97      $43.50
11/25   3P  XOM  Dec 6  $92       $31.25
11/26  10P  DIS   Jan   $60        $107.50

         Total Option Premiums    $3,364.35

Total November Income                    $4,701.58

Ticker Symbols

* TSX listed stocks and options are listed in Canadian currency and the remainder are listed in US currency (exchange rates may vary)

CL - Colgate-Palmolive
CNR - CN Rail (TSX)
CVE - Cenovus Energy (TSX)
DIS - Walt Disney Corp
EMA - Emara Inc (TSX)
ENB - Enbridge Inc
GIS - General Mills
JNJ - Johnson & Johnson
KEY - Keyera Corp (TSX)
MCD - McDonald's Corp
NKE - Nike Inc.
PEP - Pepsico
PG - Proctor & Gamble
TD - TD Bank (TSX)
XOM - Exxon Mobil Corp


  1. Love your blog. Is your goal to sell puts let them expire but if ITM you will roll or let them be assigned and then collect dividend and sell calls against the position? I am not sure if you buy back for a loss puts that go against you, I don't think you do.

    1. Hi Shelly, Glad you enjoy my blog. My goal is to generate income through dividends and option premiums. If the options are ITM, I will roll to a future expiration for a credit on or shortly before their expiration. I seldom take assignment, especially my puts. Although I have sold calls in the past, It is not a significant part of my strategy. Calls are often difficult to roll; I dislike losing my stocks because doing so reduces my dividend income; and there are tax consequences as well.

      Thanks for your comments and your kind words.


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