Monday, 30 September 2013

Weekly Option Expiration- Sept 27

My option strategy has recently become more exciting. I began selling weekly puts on Exxon-Mobil Corp XOM and McDonald's Corp MCD. Although I've sold MCD weeklies once in Aug/12 for a small gain, my current intention is to use this strategy regularly.

My total weekly gains are included in my blog posts of monthly account activity.

My trading summary is reported in US dollars minus commissions:

MacDonald's Corp (MCD)

09/16 Sold 2 Sept 27 $97 puts   $83.50
09/27 Bought to close                -$32.49
09/27 Sold 2 Oct 4 $97 puts     $107.50
Exxon-Mobil Corp (XOM)

09/19 Sold 3 Sept 27 $90 puts   $256.25
09/26 Bought to close.               -$853.74
09/26 Sold 3 Oct 19 $90 puts     $892.24

        Total Weekly Gains:   $294.75

At present, the strategy seems profitable and low risk. However, it is too soon to determine the long-term results.

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