Friday, 31 May 2013

May Account Activity

The past month was very profitable for my investment account. This was mainly due to my selling of Jan/16 put options. In previous years, I had sold large amounts of longer dated puts, therefore, resulting in extremely high premium earnings. This year, I decided to focus more on small frequent shorter-term gains, rather than taking higher risks due to uncertainty created by the fear of a possible market correction.

In June, I expect to receive higher dividend income and lower option premiums than in the month of May.

Listed below is my account activity for the month of May.


Company Name         Amount of Dividend

Baytex Energy                         $264
Colgate-Palmolive                   $204
Crescent Point Energy            $117.30
General Mills                           $264
Keyera Corp                            $108
Pembina Pipelines                  $165.24
RioCan REIT                          $167.09

    Total Dividends     $1,289.63


The following is a list of my May option trades.
The premiums are the amount of cash I  received after commissions.

Date      Position                    Premiums

05/07     10P PG July  $65               $177.50
05/13     10P GEI \June $26             $277.51
05/15     4C MCD Sept $110            $201
05/17   25P PEP July $70                 $283.75
05/17   25P GIS July $42                   $233.75
05/21   30P  CL July $67.50              $402.49
05/21   3P  CVE Jan/16 $28           $1,231.26
05/21   2P ENB Jan/16 $44                $717.51
05/21   1P  TD Jan/16 478                 $918.76
05/23   3P KEY Jan/14 $58               $616.26
05/31  4P PPL  Jan/14 $30                $365.01

  Total Option premiums       $5,424.80

     Total May Investment Income   $6,714.43

Ticker Symbols

CL     Colgate Palmolive
CVE  Cenovus Energy (TSX)
ENB  Enbridge Inc (TSX)
GEI   Gibson Energy (TSX)
GIS   General Mills
KEY  Keyera Corp (TSX)
MCD McDonald's Corp
PEP   PepsiCo
PG    Proctor & Gamble
PPL  Pembina Pipelines (TSX)
TD   Toronto Dominion Bank (TSX)

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