Friday, 27 March 2015

Weekly Option Expiration - March 27

Recently I am more actively selling weekly options. Although there are quick gains to be made, it is a higher risk strategy than I had been using in the past.

I sold seven option positions for March 27 expiration, receiving a total of $1,094.91 premiums. Six of the positions expired worthless. The one exception is HD (Home Depot). When the stock dropped to $112, I bought to close my five short puts for $822.55 and sold five May $110 puts for $1,142.52.

I am adding a few new names to my watch list as I would like to eventually sell ten option positions per week.

The following is a list of my expired option positions. Premiums are the amounts of cash I received after commissions. My option premiums are included as income in my monthly blog posts on the date the income is received.

Date              Position           Premiums

03/16   5P    DIS    $104         $202.09
03:24   5P    HD     $114         $112.54
03/24   5C   JNJ     $104         $106.04
03/16   5P   NKE     $91          $282.53
03/19   5P     V        $65          $136.63
03/25   5P   WMT    $81           $97.54
03/17   5P   YUM    $75          $157.54

Ticker Symbols

DIS - Walt Disney
HD - Home Depot
JNJ - Johnson & Johnson
NKE - Nike Inc
V - Visa
WMT - WalMart
YUM - Yum Brands

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