Sunday, 25 January 2015

Weekly Option Expiration - Jan 23, 2015

I plan to sell weekly put options regularity to create additional income and to reduce the length of time of my margin risk. Although I have been trading weeklies on occasion, I hope to employ this strategy on a regular basis.

Each of my three short positions would have expired worthless on January 23. However, I rolled my MCD puts to Jan 30 for a credit of  $217.51. I chose to roll them to prevent the possibility of assignment in the event of a sudden decline near the end of the day.

The following is a list of my expired option positions. Premiums are the amounts of cash I received after commissions. My option premiums are included as income in my monthly blog posts on the date the income is received.

Date        Position           Premiums

01/16     5P  JNJ      $99          $78.75
01/16     5P  MCD   $89         $233.75 rolled
01/16     5P  SBUX  $74.50    $108.75

Ticker Symbols

JNJ - Johnson & Johnson
MCD - McDonald's Corp
SBUX - Starbucks

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