Tuesday, 2 September 2014

August Account Activity

Two very exciting events occurred in the month of August:

First, I completed a debt repayment! Last April, I had borrowed $25,900 at 4.25% to purchase shares of Bonterra Energy Corp (BNE.TO). I am happy, it is now paid in full and I did not sell any of my investments to reduce this debt. My only remaining debt is a $19,216.10 line of credit at 2.99% interest. I hope to have it paid in full by April/15 as the interest rate will increase to prime + 2%

Second, I booked a two week all inclusive vacation to Jamaica for April 2, 2015.

As for my trading, things went smoothly. My only adjustment was my short puts on YUM. I rolled to September expiration for a credit. This is the first roll I made since January when I was trading weeklies.

Listed below is my account activity for the month of August.


Company Name         Amount of Dividend

Agellan Commercial REIT     $237.98
Baytex Energy                        $288.00
Bonterra Energy Corp            $150.00
Colgate-Palmolive                  $216.00
Emera Inc                              $512.94
General Mills                          $328.00
Inter Pipeline LTD                  $125.35
Keyera Corp                          $132.44
Leisureworld Senior Care      $225.00
NW Healthcare REIT             $142.67
Pembina Pipelines                 $162.69
RioCan REIT                         $101.40

    Total Dividends            $2,622.47


The following is a list of my August option trades. The premiums listed are the amounts of cash I received after commissions.

Date        Position                  Premiums

08/01  10P   ENB  Sept  $50           $147.51
08/01  10P   FTS   Oct   $32            $177.51
08/12  10P   CVE  Oct   $30            $177.51
08/12    5P    TGT  Oct.  $55           $383.75
08/13    5P    CPG  Oct   $42           $268.76
08/14  -15P  YUM Aug  $72.50   -$3,133.74
08/14   15P  YUM  Sept  $72.50   $3,886.17
08/15   10P  ALA   Sept   $48          $327.51
08/15   20P  XOP   Sept   $65          $325.00
08/18     1P   MCD  Jan/16 $80        $278.75
08/18   25P  XOM  Oct    $90           $783.74
08/22   15P  SBUX Oct   $67.50       $151.25
08/25     5C    SU    Oct   $46            $103.26

         Total Option Premiums     $3,876.98

Interest Charges

Margin Interest                               $12.57
Line of Credit                                 $30.73

   Total Interest Charges          -$43.30

Total August Income              $6,456.15

Ticker Symbols
* TSX listed stocks and options are listed in Canadian currency and the remainder are listed in US currency (exchange rates may vary).

ALA - AltaGas Ltd (TSX)
CPG - Crescent Point Energy (TSX)
CVE - Cenovus Energy (TSX)
ENB - Enbridge Inc (TSX)
FTS - Fortis Inc (TSX)
MCD - McDonald's Corp
PG - Proctor & Gamble
SBUX - Starbucks
SU - Suncor Energy Inc (TSX)
TGT - Target Corp
YUM - Yum Brands
XOM - Exxon-Mobil Corp
XOP - Oil & Gas Exploration ETF

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