Thursday, 6 March 2014

February Account Activity

I am back from a fabulous vacation and gradually getting into my trading routine. Prior to my departure, I bought shares of TD Bank (TD) and Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM). I purchased XOM using margin money and sold calls to cover the interest charges. I dislike borrowing money for any reason; however, the opportunity was golden.

During my vacation, I had free Wi-Fi a few times and was able to login to my account and do a small amount of market research. I was too busy to place trades and the time difference made it difficult. Although I was only gone for 24 days, it felt like I had been away from the market for a very long time.

It is always refreshing to see a stable stream of dividend income flowing into my account

Listed below is my account activity for the month of February:


Company Name         Amount of Dividend

Agellan Commercial REIT       $164.94
Baytex Energy                         $264.00
Colgate-Palmolive                   $204.00
Crescent Point Energy            $184.92
Emera Corp                            $369.39
General Mills                          $304.00
Inter Pipeline LTD                  $107.93
Keyera Corp                          $122.60
Leisureworld Senior Care      $225.00
NW Healthcare REIT             $137.14
Pembina Pipelines                 $157.08
RioCan REIT                           $99.17
    Total Dividends            $2,340.17


The following is a list of my February option 
trades. The premiums listed are the amounts 
of cash I received after commissions.

Date        Position                  Premiums

02/01   3C XOM March $92.50   $259.25

         Total Option Premiums     $259.25

Margin Interest                               -$10.95

Total February Income                $2,588.47

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