Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Account Activity

The month of June went by very quickly. During winter months, I tend to trade from boredom; while during the warmer months, I review my investment strategy more frequently and plan my trades. Either way, I'm trading, but using a slightly different approach.

Presently, I leave the majority of my option positions open and place my new trades after they expire. I do not close positions unless I am over my margin limit or I have a bad trade and wish to cut my losses.

Recently I have been considering closing my lower value positions to add new positions to collect higher premiums. I plan to test this strategy and determine if the amount of the additional premiums I would receive will exceed the cost of the additional commissions I would pay to close.

Overall, I am pleased my investment income.

Listed below is my account activity for the month of June:


Company Name         Amount of Dividend

Baytex Energy                         $264.00
Cenovus Energy                     $193.60
CN Rail                                  $129.00
Crescent Point Energy            $117.30
Enbridge Inc                          $180.00
Exxon Mobil                           $189.00
Johnson & Johnson                 $586.81
Keyera Corp                           $108.18
McDonald's Corp                    $308.00
Pembina Pipelines                   $151.47
Pepsico                                  $227.00
RioCan REIT                          $167.67

    Total Dividends     $2,622.03


The following is a list of my June option trades.
The premiums listed are the amount of cash I received after commissions.

Date        Position                 Premiums

06/03   8C  JNJ  July $90            $215.50
06/05  10P  XOM July $77.50     $197.50
06/12   2P  CNR  July $96           $167.51
06/13   3P   TD  July $74              $46.26
06/17  10P  JNJ  Aug $70             $87.50
06/17  30P   CL  Aug $47.50       $402.50
06/17  20P   PG  Aug $65           $465.00
06/18  25P  XOM  Aug $70         $333.75
06/18   3C  XOM  Aug $97.50       $73.25
06/18 -25P  XOM  June $70         -$25.00
06/24   3P   TD    Aug  $74          $121.26
06/27   1P  CNR  Aug $100         $173.76

     Total Option Premiums   $2,258.79

Total June Income:      $4,880.82

Ticker Symbols

CL - Colgate-Palmolive
CNR - CN Rail (TSX)
JNJ - Johnson & Johnson
PG - Proctor & Gamble
TD - TD Bank (TSX)
XOM - Exxon Mobil Corp

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