Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Account Activity

I continue to review my investment strategy to identify benefits and limitations and to maintain the flexibility to make changes when necessary.

One of my greatest strengths is my investment in quality dividend growth companies providing me with consistent and growing income.

One of my greatest challenges is to avoid over trading. I am currently taking too much margin risk. I plan to make fewer trades this summer, while waiting for an opportunity to buy quality stocks on the dips.

Although I sell options to generate cash, I consider myself a long-term income focused investor.
Receiving dividends by owning shares of quality companies are my top priority.

Listed below is my account activity for the month of April:


Company Name         Amount of Dividend

Baytex Energy                         $242
Crescent Point Energy             $93.84
Keyera Corp                            $108
Pembina Pipelines                  $165.24
RioCan REIT                          $166.38
TD Bank                                 $405

    Total Dividends     $1,180.46


 I closed my EnCana puts for a profit of $167.52.
April 8  I closed my 25 Royal Bank puts for a loss of $692.48.
April 15 Canadian oil stocks began to decline; to minimise risk, I closed  the majority of my Cenovus Energy puts.

The following is a list of my April  option trades.
The premiums are the amount of cash I  received after commissions.
The amounts displayed with a negative sum indicate my costs to close a position including commissions.

Date      Position                    Premiums

04/02  25P XOP June $50        $983.73
04/03  5P ECA Apr $18            -$91.24
04/08  25P RY Apr $58          -$941.24
04/09  25P PG May $65          $308.75
04/15  20P CVE Apr $28        -$254.99
04/15  25P CVE May $28    -$1,296.24
04/15  25P CL May $95           $383.75
04/17  10P ECA July $18         $767.51
04/19  3P  ENB Jan/14 $36      $121.26
04/22  25P XOM June $70       $333.75
04/22  30P CL June $95           $552.49
04/22  25P PG June $55          $283.75
04/23  25P CNR June $82       $353.76
04/29  2P  TD    June $78         $87.51
  Total Option premiums       $1,592.55

     Total April Investment Income   $2,773.01

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