Thursday, 14 March 2013

Expired Options (February)

I will often sell put options for two reasons:

1. To bring additional income into my account
2. To purchase stocks on the dips as a long-term buy and hold strategy

Last month, I noticed, I held no puts having the February 16th expiration.
Rather than experiencing a long, cold, boring winter month, I decided to sell a few short-term put contracts.
This strategy went well, as each contract expired worthless.

01/14 20P CL $92.50               $145
01/14 20P CNR  $86                $185.01
01/18 20P XOM $75                $145

Total Option Premiums (after commissions) $475.01

Ticker Symbols

CL   Colgate-Palmolive
CNR  Canadian National Railway (TSX)
XOM Exxon Mobil Corporation

Note: I published this post on Saturday, February 16
I changed the title from Expired Options to Expired Options (February)
After doing so, the publication date had been changed as well
This post should be listed prior to February Account Activity
Sorry for any confusion.

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